Dora Ramljak 21/02/2001,
Pula, Croatia


Coming from Croatia, my view on photography has always been rather pragmatic, practical.
To question its purpose, to give it another purpose, another outlet has led me to create a methodology in which I am allowed to fearlessly explore far beyond medium’s borders.

Tactility and sensual perception are important constants in my methodology, motivating me to explore beyond visual mediums, engaging among sound, installation, performance and space design .

For me necessity to produce is deeply rooted in desire to grasp reality and deconstruct its fixed systems, to decontextualise and challengetheir harmful nature. My personal interests lead the way to references found in art history, literature, culture,  with the goal of providing an objective context. Engaging in heavily research based practice allows me to introduce layered nature to all of my works.
This way of working allows democratic and educational nature of art to become a key in my work, an accessible entrance into discussion and play.

A restless thread underlying my personality, being someone who is fascinated by nature’s momentary occurrences, intuition is a key element to my practice, a practice which understands the importance of contexts of time and space. This traits motivate my dedication to experiment, to experience, to learn and relearn.
Striving for a sense of softness, the works provide a critical perspective on our society and its structural complexity. Creating spaces that are working in favour of interrupting regularity of time allows me to provide a place where care, dialogue and reflection are desired outcomes.

Still, each work behaves as nature and our forgotten humane side, it shows you what you once may have witnessed, but gives you freedom to reclaim your being and further position yourself in the now, in the future, revisiting the past.


[ 01/09/2019 – Current ]

Bachelor of Photography:

Royal Academy of Arts The Hague ;

KABK; Address: Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN, Den Haag, NL

[ 01/02/2022 – Current ]

Research intern:

Internship concerning researching methods and techniques for self-established artist Jen Liu ;

New York, USA

[ 01/03/2022 – Current ]

Research and Studio intern:

Studio internship in Hectolitre spaces mentored by self-established artist Mladen Bundalo ;

Bruxelles, BE



27/4/2019 AME group exhibition, Galerija Cvajner

30/5/2020 online screening event, Agartha Productions Cph

5. - 7.8.2021 Award for young artists Golden watermelon 5.0, Metamedia Association, Pula, Croatia Media Mediteranea

23.- 26.7. 2021 Echo, group exhibition, Brønshøj Water Tower, Copenhagen ECHO

20. - 27.1.2022 UNFOLDING TERRITORIES: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care by Cockroach Collective, The Grey Space in The Middle, The Hague Cockroach Collective