Installation, live set,soundscape, essay;

(2021.- ongoing)

In collaboration with Andrejs Poikaans.

The inability to understand language trough which one is being accused of empowers the inability to claim one’s own rights and opens questions about the right to stay silent. In collaboration with Andrejs Poinkaans, I undertake the task of dealing with perception of human speech and examining proprieties of its manipulation due to its audible base.

Complete silence can never be achieved as internalised noise from engraved social patterns is formulating our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, I aim to create silence by using sound.

Relying on interference of sound waves to produce silent spots conditioned the organisation of sound carrying objects in the space. In that sense, the deconstruction of power structure and punishment, created trough objects and spatial design, stands in contradiction with the content of sound itself.

Placing the speakers in the metal object embodying the shape of corn can serve as a reference to my personal heritage. As a child, the stories we listened to often spoke about kneeling on the corn if you acted in a wrong way, if you spoke when you weren’t supposed to, punishment indeed. In this sense, sound of voice coming from these objects once is punished, but the person who is punishing is on the same level as the speakers, power is contained in each individual.

The installation is a provider of the space for self reflection and acknowledgment, for further interventions.

Designed and handmade alluminium shells carrying deconstructed speakers

First setup at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Exhibited at Echo, group exhibition.Brønshøj Water Tower, Copenhagen