Reviving Frequencies.;

installation,wet plate emporium,plexiglass engraving growing booth,

We have created a world so sterile, so senseless.
We have lost our connection to the larger ecological environment. In October of 2021 I planted a specific type of garlic crop, Istrian Red Garlic, in the Netherlands. The Association of Producers of Istrian Garlic was officially founded with the aim of granting EU protection status for this specific crop. This is where my interest arose.

I planted the significant clove in a way that disregards its specialty, and it grew, better thanI could have ever imagined. I am fascinated by light. It escapes every intention to be controlled. It is always following its path and we are fooled when we think the opposite.

For a long time we have subjugated those around us, organisms, phenomena, laws. This is where the story begins, a story that is taking place in a box. This is the place that tracks time, every day and every night, it tracks the concept of time as well as simple process of growth. This is my journey of proving the wrong, that the Istrian Garlic will grow no matter if it will lose its status or not, that light will never be fixed without a human hand. This is the story that opens questions about control, how we are controlling the environment trough artificial shortcuts, but still relying on natural laws. We are working for it and against it. This is an intervention in the organic space, it disrupts the natural order but on the other hand it provides life, it can stimulate change.                                                                   

Inside the Growbox;
growing garlic, glass with light sensitive emulsion exposing for three days

Process photographs;
laser cutter on plexiglass plate

The project is brings together installation, photography and spatial experience. Growbox, the home of blossoming garlic acts as a tool for production of images as light sensitive chemicals are fixed on the changeable glass plates in order to track light transitions. The process of applying gelatine on glass becomes a pillar for understanding human persistence in materialising light rays, and observing how filtering certain light frequencies affects both chemicals, their shade of blue, and growth of garlic. This work offers a dialogue between the audience and the light, it allows the audience to understand their position in the work and how without them, this process would be left in the dark.

Exhibited at The Grey Space In The Middle, The Hague, Jan 2022.

Part of group exhibition,

UNFOLDING TERRITORIES: Co-creating Through Cartographies of Care

organised by the Cockroach Collective.

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Reviving Frequencies.