Circa 2021;

CIRCA 2021 Circularity is a familiar concept in nature that has evolved into a guiding principle for society and industry. Water – the most vital resource, negatively affected by the linear pattern of growth – still tries to find its positioning within the emerging concept of circular economy.

In human-managed systems that follow a linear model of economic growth, water is successively qualitatively degraded after use, becoming unfit for further use both by humans and ecosystems. I aimed to create an installation out of combination of both natural and artificial material.

”Artificial” material isn’t artificial after all, its fibres originate from nature and therefore humans just reshape, extract what is already there. I have observed nature over the corse of several days, documenting what I found. The amount of circular shapes I encountered surprised me. I wondered, why is there such a tendency for nature to shape itself in this way, but then why do we as humans continue it? Is it easier for us to comprehend or are we aiming for the return to nature? Stone is a setting, water is time, we just happen to be in the middle of both.